Strategic Plan

Originally approved by the Board of Education in 2014, the district's strategic plan is a living document, and each year we take time to review and adjust it. 

Click here to see the current plan, including previous years' priorities and accomplishments.

Strategic Plan Priorities

Priority 1: Racial Equity

Eliminate race, socioeconomic status, and other social factors as predictors of students' academic achievement and social emotional growth.

Priority 2: Transformative Education

Take a holistic, supportive, transformative approach to providing engaging, equitable learning experiences.

Priority 3: Transformative Leadership

Hold leaders to high expectations in responsibilities, policies, practices, and professional development, and create opportunities that support effective teaching, learning, and leadership.

Priority 4: Operations, Facilities, and Finances

Make fiscally responsible, student-centered decisions that allocate resources to ensure excellence and equity for all.