OPRFHS's theatre program offers students two different avenues of study, one curricular (classroom-based) and one extra-curricular. Both give students in-depth and hands-on experience in the dramatic arts, and while we believe the emphasis on educational theatre is on 'education,' we strive to be as rigorous and professional a program as possible so that our students are well-prepared if they choose to continue their theatre studies.

Our curricular offerings include (not all courses are available every semester):

Acting 1 Musical Theatre Seminar
Acting 2 Musical Comedy Workshop (summer school only)
Directing Workshop Theatre Technology and Design
Advanced Theatre Study

Acting students will explore all varieties of techniques and dramatic forms, building audition and performance skills, as well as learning theatre history and terminology. Production students will learn the principles of scenic design and lighting, and the Theatre Technology class directly supports the Studio200 performance series.Any of these courses will satisfy the school's fine arts graduation requirement, and Theatre Technology will also satisfy the applied arts requirement.