Physical Education

The State of Illinois requires each student to participate in daily physical education, and the study must be a part of the regular school curriculum. The District requires that each student successfully complete 7 semesters of Physical Education. The OPRFHS Physical Education program requires that all students participate in the following curriculum in order to experience a well-balanced program: Adventure Education, aquatics, dance, fitness, individual sport, team sport, and racket sport.

Freshmen and sophomores will have a core curriculum selected for them during the first 2 years. In most cases, freshmen will meet the swim, dance, fitness, and sport requirements in the first year. Sophomores should satisfy the second swim, Self-Defense or StepBack, and CPR/AED review. Generally, juniors and seniors have the option of selecting courses during their final 2 years but may be placed in a class needed to fulfill the above requirements. Students who receive a PE exemption need 1 additional elective credit for each exemption: 1 credit = 1 semester.